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Hearing Tests

Tinnitus field

Tinnitus field consists of several tests that assist the hearing care professional in learning more about the individual’s tinnitus and thus generating a suitable treatment plan. The tests include: Tinnitus sound matching: the presentation of common tinnitus sounds to patients in order to help them identify their specific tinnitus perception. to create an exact audio

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Tympanometry is a test that determines how well the middle ear is functioning. This is accomplished by measuring the movement of your eardrum. The ear is divided into three sections: the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. Tympanometry can help diagnose problems that arise along the middle ear part of the path

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Acoustic Reflex

Acoustic reflex results contribute significantly to differential diagnosis and is included in every basic audiological evaluation. They can provide or confirm information on the type (conductive, sensory, or neural) and severity of hearing loss. Acoustic reflex measurement is a type of measurement provided by the stapedius muscle contraction. The stapedial branch of the facial nerve

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