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Tinnitus field

Tinnitus field consists of several tests that assist the hearing care professional in learning more about the individual’s tinnitus and thus generating a suitable treatment plan. The tests include:

Tinnitus sound matching: the presentation of common tinnitus sounds to patients in order to help them identify their specific tinnitus perception. to create an exact audio recreation of the tinnitus, the health professional may adjust the pitch and layer multiple sounds. sound matching serves as an important foundation for subsequent tinnitus management therapies, which are frequently tailored to each patient. The minimum masking level: is the volume at which an external narrowband noise masks (or covers) the perception of tinnitus. the minimum masking level provides an approximation of how loud a patient perceives his or her tinnitus and can be used in subsequent tinnitus masking and sound therapies.
Tinnitus loudness: during this test, the patient is presented levels of a sound whose pitch corresponds to his tinnitus and asked to estimate the loudness of the tinnitus.

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